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You can identify and download your contacts easily through our eLetter application. The files are delivered in the industry format .csv format. These files allow you to import the DayBreak data into any, and all, CRM applications. The download process is very easy and fast.


How we got your data

The e-Letter database of 100 Million B2B contacts was built over the past thirty years. It is one of the most compehensive B2B contact lists available in the world. In 1984, Doug Monahan, DayBreak’s CEO & Founder, typed in the first record while working for software giant Computer Associates. Over ten years, as he rose through the ranks of other software companies including Deneba Software, ABA software and Symantec (Fifth Generation Systems) he continued its efforts. In 1992, he founded Sunset Direct and worked for Intel, HP, Dell, Oracle, Google, AT&T, Sprint, and hundreds others. In later years, custom software spidering solutions were built to harvest our contacts automatically.


Our App design

We offer the ability for you to identify and download the individuals most likely to purchase your goods, products and services. The applications were designed by sales professionals during their day-to-day sales activities. The applications are easy to use and very powerful. Whether you are used to working on an iPhone, Android or desktop computer – the DayBreak eLetter app arms you with all of the tools you need.


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Our Data is compatible with all major CRM softwares

Our B2B contact lists are compatible with every major CRM application on the market today. The hot-leads can be quickly and easily downloaded – then integrated into your current CRM program. We work with you every step of the way to ensure success.

Email Marketing

We have assembled one of the largest and most powerful B2B contact lists in the world. Having access to our massive, high-qualified contacts can be a game-changer for your sales and marketing efforts. DayBreak arms you with the email addresses of these decision makers within the Fortune 1000, Global 500 and Inc. 500. You can import these contacts into your own CRM app such as Sugar CRM, Microsoft CRM, Oracle’s Siebel Solution or any other CRM system. We are in the process of developing an on-line email delivery system that will allow you to keep track of the number of recipients, how many bounced, how many were opened, which pages the recipient visited on your website as a direct result of the email you have sent and much more. Our engineers and marketing professionals can take your existing contacts and ensure you don’t write them again. We can do a merge and purge for you prior to any new campaign. All-in-all, the DayBreak email marketing solution is extremely unique and

We’re using more than 2000+Proxies

In today’s ultra-spam conservative community it can be difficult to send a letter to a volume purchaser to simply introduce yourself. The definition of spam for some people is sending out an unsolicited email to anyone. However, this theory would make it illegal to simply write a business letter to someone who you think could benefit from your company’s solution. It is a) unenforceable and b) illogical. However, we have a technologic solution that further allows you to send your emails. With over two thousand proxy servers, you can mask the IP address of your true IP by using one of ours.

We provide additional tools for you to assist your eLetter marketing campaigns. We are experts regarding email addresses and how to find email addresses for any individual whether it is posted anywhere online or not.

We clean our database

It’s no easy task to keep 100 Million contacts clean; however, we are able to guarantee a 95% delivery rate. Our verification and cleansing process is accomplished via a number of custom written tools. The entire one hundred million are validated every 90 days. Our active validation process ensures your company can deliver your messages, presentations and generate high-quality sales leads to your sales teams.

Search by categories

Search our 100 Million records and find the hot-leads you are looking for within milliseconds. Our database, despite being extremely large, is lightning fast. You can access it via the eLetter mobile app for the Android or iPhone as well as via a desktop computer. You can search by individual company names, job titles, cities, states, country, zip code or zip code range, number of employees, revenue, sic code, keywords. Downloads are provided in the industry standard .csv format.

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  • General Manager
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  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer
  • Service
  • Information Systems
  • Legal
  • and hundreds more



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